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RSSI/SNR values before and after date

Use this page to see the difference of your signal quality (RSSI and SNR) after a major change to your setup. Like for example increasing the height or upgrading your antenna.

The values in the Output will be based on witnessing data from 10 days before, and 10 days after, the selected date. Any witnessing on the specified date itself will be excluded.

For the chart itself 10 random hotspots are chosen, to not make it to cluttered. Also, a minimum of 2 witnessings during the time period is required. To get 10 new random hotspots, just click the Update button again.

The dashed lines in the charts are averages of the series with the same color. One average from before the dead-zone, and one after. The angle in the dead-zone can be used to see the increase, or decrease.

A higher value is better, in both the case of RSSI and SNR. Note that the numbers are negative, higher up in the charts is better than lower down.


Data from 10 days before and 10 days after the selected date will be displayed.


  • Hotspot: -
  • RSSI change: -
  • SNR change: -
  • # Common hotspots: - (- with at least 2 witnessings)
  • # New hotspots: - (- with at least 2 witnessings)
  • # Lost hotspots: - (- with at least 2 witnessings)