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Lost witnesses

Draws a map showing all hotspots within 50 km of the chosen hotspot. Lines are drawn between the chosen hotspot and those it has witnessed during the selected period. Witnessing generally is around 80% of the income for a hotspot, and therefore the most important transaction type.

  • Red hotspots has been witnessed in the selected date interval and has since then been moved at least 1 km.
  • Yellow hotspots has not been witnessed within the selected date interval + the extra lost days.
  • Orange hotspots has been witnessed the lost days before the from date, but not after the from date.
  • Green hotspots has been witnessed within the selected date interval.
  • The chosen hotspot is marked with a blue circle.


Whole dates are used, if you choose today's date, you will get a partial day.



  • Hotspot: -
  • Num witnessed: -
  • Num unique witnessed: -
  • Avg/day witnessed: -
  • Num unique lost witnessed: - (witnessed the ? days before)
  • Total hotspots within 50 km: -
  • Num never witnessed within 50 km: -